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First Trust

113.24 billion USD Assets under management
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Assets under management

113.24 billion USD

Expense ratio

0.25% - 2.91%


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If you plan to invest in ETFs, you must have heard about First Trust and considered it an option. But what exactly is First Trust?

In the world of Exchange-traded funds or ETFs, the ETF issuer or provider plays an important role. Since the market begins and ends with the issuer, understanding it is crucial for you as an investor.

Let's get into it!

What is First Trust?

First Trust Portfolios L.P. (also known as First Trust) started in 1991 with a mission to offer trusted investment products and advisory services.

The company boasts of its outstanding knowledge in investing as well as its years of experience. For this reason, it can be an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to invest.

How many ETFs does First Trust have?

First Trust has a total of 168 ETFs traded on the U.S. markets. Further, they have a total of $121.26 billion in assets under management.

Thus, we can all agree that iShares is one option you can consider best. If you plan on investing through its ETFs, you can be confident about your investments.

How much money does First Trust have under management?

First Trust has large assets under management of $121.26 billion in total. Further, it has an average expense ratio of 0.75%.

With such an AUM, First Trust can be a great option to consider should you plan on investing in ETFs.

Is First Trust a hedge fund?

First Trust has a hedge fund, but it also has ETFs that can act like such. While ETFs can't hold hedge funds, they can act like one. In general, ETFs can deliver many popular hedge fund strategies. Among these are long/short, market-neutral, currency-carry, merger arbitrage, etc.

In general, a hedge fund is an investment company that invests its clients' money in alternative investments. It tries to either beat the market or hedge against unforeseen market changes.


First Trust offers great promise with its significant experience and performance. Thus, it can be wise to take a more in-depth look into the company and conduct further research.

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