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20.99 billion USD

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If you plan to invest in ETFs, you must have heard about DWS and considered it an option. But what exactly is DWS?

In the world of Exchange-traded funds or ETFs, the ETF issuer or provider plays an important role. Since the market begins and ends with the issuer, understanding it is crucial for you as an investor.

Let's get into it!

What is DWS?

DWS Group (also known as DWS) is one of the world's leading asset managers. It has over 759 billion euros of assets under management as of September of 2020.

ETF Investors can uncover some of the latest investing themes by observing fund flows. For instance, DWS enjoys a strong inflow in many areas. Among these are ESG, high-yield, and China A-Shares investing.

For this reason, DWS is an excellent issuer you can consider when it comes to ETFs.

How many ETFs does DWS have?

DWS has ETFs called Xtrackers, and it's about 300 ETFs in number. It includes various assets such as equities, fixed income, and short/long credit. These ETFs also have a money market, currencies, and commodities.

With DWS, investors can implement a wide range of market strategies transparent, flexible, and efficient.

How much money does DWS have under management?

DWS has about 759 billion euros of assets under management as of September 2020. Thus, it makes the group one of the world's leading investment management organizations.

For this reason, we can all agree that DWS is one option you can consider best. If you plan on investing through its ETFs, you can be confident about your investments.

Is DWS a hedge fund?

DWS has a hedge fund. In fact, it is the current market leader for German hedge funds. It has taken in 800 million euros in assets from private and institutional investors so far. DWS also has one fund-of-hedge fund.


DWS offers great promise with its significant experience and performance. Thus, it can be wise to take a more in-depth look into the company and conduct further research.

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