Singapore ETF

A list of ETFs for Sep 2023

Singapore ETFs offer exposure to Singaporean equity securities and others. Many people consider investing in such a country due to many reasons.

For instance, this country attracts foreign investors through its thriving trade and financial sectors. It has an extensive trade network of 20 free trade agreements with 31 trading partners.

It also ranks as the fourteenth largest export economy and the fifteenth largest importer. Thus, it's one of the countries to consider if you plan to start investing.

How many Singapore ETFs are there?

Singapore has seven ETFs as options for investors. Thus, we can all agree that there's quite a lot to choose from should you ever consider investing in such.

However, you may want to filter out your options and choose from the top-performing ETFs. You can use the list below as a guide.

What is the best Singapore ETF to buy?

If you plan on investing in a Singapore ETF, you can consider the following. Below is a rundown of the best Singapore ETFs to buy:

As always, any investment should always be something done with thorough research and discernment. In the end, it would be on you to choose the Singapore ETFs.