A list of ETFs for Sep 2023

Silver ETFs offer a great investment opportunity like Gold ETFs since it a hedge against inflation. Moreover, it works as a haven in times of market turbulence. Silver ETF investment grants you a chance to own silver or silver futures.

If you want to invest with lesser risks against such issues, then the Silver ETFs are worth considering.

Let's get into it more!

What is a Silver ETF?

As the name itself suggests, Silver ETFs are the kind that tracks silver prices. Thus, when you buy a silver ETF share, you get to own an amount of silver.

Moreover, ETFs track an index. Thus, it means their holdings replicate the holdings of an index. It's worth noting that Silver ETFs significantly outperformed the broad market over the past year.

Like Gold ETFs, this one gives an excellent opportunity to invest in silver, which is also of high value and upward.

What is the best Silver ETF?

The market has an array of Silver ETFs to choose from if you plan on investing in this ETF. There's no telling which is the best, but the list below filters out your best options if you plan on going for this ETF.

  • Aberdeen Standard Physical Silver Shares ETF (SIVR)
  • iShares Silver Trust (SLV)

As always, the list filters out the best performing Silver ETFs around. In the end, it would be on you to choose the Silver ETFs.

Is Silver ETF a good investment?

Silver can be a little bit more volatile than gold. Nevertheless, it is still a great investment option to consider.

Silver ETFs provide a great way to invest in Silver without cashing out a significant amount. Moreover, investing in Silver ETFs means you won't have to worry too much about the risks of inflation or market turbulence.